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As time passes, the world becomes more and more chaotic. Humanity has been divided along every possible line and almost every nation feels the effects of the split. As our population continues to grow against the ever-dwindling resources, the cracks and crevices originally created by differences in race, gender, religion, tribes, class, etc, are increasingly turning into irreparable chasms and valleys. And at this rate, we might soon find ourselves in a world where everyone is everyone’s enemy.

In Kenya, my country, the divisions along tribal lines have escalated in recent years and they are hurting us all. The politicians, the chief national leaders who are also known for their cunning opportunism, had long since ascertained the advantages of ruling a disunited nation and exploited the situation to the hilt.

We have national elections next month–August 2017–and the country is already too tense. Regions have been marked as “hotspots” of violence and people are running away from one another. Meanwhile Kenyans online engage in a vicious tribal war of words.

It is too sad. I am terrified. I feel like a foreigner here.

It is for this reason that for today’s WE ARE THE WORLD BLOGFEST #WATWB, I searched for a subject that might, even remotely, deal with the present situation in Kenya.

So meet the extraordinary Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan who grew up in a tribally violent region of Kenya, and who, instead of threatening the warring tribes with arrests and convictions, as our leaders often do–though in vain–has found a common interest amongst the people of her region and uses it to bring them together and champion for peaceful co-existence.

Under the program she calls “Shoot to score, not to kill”, she has mobilised the youth to play Football together and hold dialogues about their cultures and causes of conflicts among them. So far she has 10,000 youth participating in the games, each one of them being an ambassador for peace.

Fatuma studied law, the knowledge of which she also uses to fight for the rights of the vulnerable women in those regions.

Her story is here.


Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan, Source: BBC

This is the fifth celebration of the WE ARE THE WORLD BLOGFEST #WATWB which is carried out every last Friday of the month, and which aims to spread love and positiveness in this vulnerable world. A celebration of heroes who can still restore our faith in humanity, especially in this period when our world seems to be full of endless series of horrible happenings.

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