#WATWB: Muslim Man Who Saved Christians from ISIS

Posted: 2017/10/27 in Blogging
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In May this year, Muslim militants linked to the dreaded (but now defeated) ISIS attacked the Philippine city of Marawi on the island of Mindanao.

As the fighting raged on between the Philippine army and the militants, the latter began hunting down Christians. They would meet random people in the city and ask them to recite the Qur’an, failure to which would lead to merciless executions.

It was in this period that one kind-hearted man, Norodin Alonto Lucman, a prominent Muslim in the area decided to save the persecuted Christians. He started by hiding his Christian workers as soon as he heard the news of the executions. Not long after, however, more and more Christians poured into his compound. They came with their children, the youngest of whom was ten months old.

It was a great risk for him and he was scared. He could have run away and left them to their fate but he stayed in order to save them. He says:

“The first thing that came to my mind was to save these people. I had a chance to leave. I had three cars in the house. I could have left, put my belongings there and then leave but I figured if I left these civilians will die.”

Later on, when he had a total of 67 Christians in is home and he was quickly running out of food to give them, he took even a greater risk to lead them to safety outside the city. He disguised the women to look like Muslim women and made the men to carry the babies so that they all looked like couples. Then he taught them how to recite a Muslim prayer and bravely led them out of the city at dawn. On the way, more people from neighbouring homes joined them until they were about 144 in total, excluding him.

Alonto says:

“I saved their lives because I had to save their lives, because they came to my house and asked for help. It is a human thing. It is not something about being a Christian or a Muslim. They are human beings like me.”

His home was burnt down by the militants.

Alonto’s full story is found here.

Norodin Alonto Lucman

Norodine Alonto Lucman, Source: BBC

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  1. dweezer19 says:

    God bless him for his love of humanity. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. bikerchick57 says:

    What a courageous and kind-hearted man! Love really knows no bounds or a person’s faith. Thanks for sharing this story, Peter, for #WATWB.

  3. Shilpa Garg says:

    Alonto is truly a courageous and compassionate man. It’s people like him restore our faith in humanity. Thanks for sharing his story, Peter!

  4. Ally Bean says:

    Courage and compassion. What an amazingly good man he is. Great story to add to #WATWB.

  5. Emily Bloomquist says:

    Alonto shows us that one man can rise above, even in the middle of a war zone. What an amazing man. Thank you for introducing us to him Peter.

  6. Dan Antion says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of courage and compassion, Peter. How sad that we live in a world where it is easy to kill people and risky to save them. This man showed a true appreciation for his fellow man.

    • Peter Nena says:

      Thank you Dan. He did a powerful thing. He is one more light in the soul of humanity. The world is indeed a sad place. To destroy what cannot be rebuilt. To take a life knowing it can never be replaced. It is sad. It has become too common. The leaders of the world are too cruel and reckless. Do you remember the part in Genesis where Abraham was pleading with God not to destroy a certain city? What if there are just ten people who are good, will you still destroy it? And God said no. If there were just ten good people, he would spare the city. Yet our leaders would rather destroy entvire nations just looking for one man. I really believe it is the few good people amongst us who still keep humanity here.

  7. pjlazos says:

    Kudos to Mr. Lucman. Beautiful and brave.

  8. datmama4 says:

    What a powerful story! I couldn’t help but think of those Germans who helped to hide and transport Jewish people during WWII. This man went beyond compassion and bravery to superhero status. To risk his life for them means that he actually viewed them as humans with value, which is something so many are missing today when they see a person who is different from them. Thank you so much for sharing this one!

    • Peter Nena says:

      Very true. I have heard of the Germans who hid the Jews. People who look beyond everything and see the human in you. They are the true superheroes. Thanks.

  9. G Angela says:

    I am touched by this post; He is truly a courageous and compassionate soul, loved his attitude and what he did to save so many people from the militants. Thank you for inspiring me with his story.

  10. Susan Scott says:

    Thank you Peter for this extraordinary story. I remember those dreadful executions in the Philippines earlier this year but did not know of Norodin Alonto Lucman’s saving the Christians. I would have watched the BBC film but my computer is on a total go-slow right now. He is truly an example of a person who restores our faith in the best side of humanity.

  11. This is such an incredible story! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. This shows how being human is more important than being god-fearing or religious, which in my opinion, are the same as being humane, but we often blur the true message contained in our religious texts. Loved this post!

    • Peter Nena says:

      Thanks Pradita. You know, it is strange how we ourselves make things like religion, race, money, tribe, etc important. Then we turn them against ourselves so that the human life is less important. Yet without the human being those things are even nonexistent. People like Alonto see beyond the nonsense and value the person instead of the thing. Thanks.

      • ‘Yet without the human being those things are even nonexistent’. That’s very true Peter. Once again thanks for sharing this with us. Have a great week

  12. oh this does the heart good to hear. Thank you so much Peter for finding the good in human stories when there is such suffering in the world today!

  13. Compassion and courage cross all boundaries. Kudos to Norodin Alonto Lucman – he is a true inspiration in these times. Thanks for sharing this!

  14. simonfalk28 says:

    This man has a stout and courageous heart, Peter. May his story long be told. Who knows what good things the people whom he saved can do now. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Haalah says:

    👌. Most people don’t seem to know this but majority of Muslims are not Isis..
    In fact… Isis is the very opposite to what we believe in. Anyone who is killing innocents, and behaving so inhumanely, I don’t think they can even be called Muslim.

    But of course… The rest of the world doesn’t know that… And they view Isis as what a Muslim is. It warms my heart when people get the opportunity to see who a true Muslim actually is💜

    • Peter Nena says:

      Of course, you are right. There are good people everywhere. Bad people too, who mean to do evil, are found all over the world, in every culture, religion, race, gender, etc. The strange thing is: it is the evil people who end up being used to define the majority. Perhaps it is due to our preoccupation with unpleasant things. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it.

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