#WATWB: The Man Who Devotes His Life To Saving Dogs

Posted: 2019/08/30 in Blogging
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It is said that a dog is man’s best friend but I have wondered whether dogs feel the same way about the relationship or whether it is a relationship decided only by the human party. For our best friends with superhuman abilities–faithful, grateful, loyal, protective, understanding, enduring, uncomplaining, undemanding, loving absolutely, and able to live happily on just leftovers and in sketchy shelters–we sure don’t treat them as they deserve. So many dogs are homeless in the world, starving, emaciated, sick and scared of their self-declared “best friends”. The government of Kenya, for instance, recently allocated the equivalent of one million dollars to get rid of stray dogs in Nairobi. I have felt that the way we treat dogs says more about our society than about the dogs.

For this episode of We Are The World Blogfest (#WATWB), I bring you the story of an exceptional Greek man named Theoklitos Proestakis (Takis for short), who has saved over 300 dogs from neglect, starvation, and certain death. He saves them from the garbage dump where they are abandoned to die.

One day six years ago, Theoklitos Proestakis was curious about his local garbage dump on the Greek island of Crete, where he lives. So, he decided to pay a visit. A dog he met there completely changed his life forever.

Proestakis, or Takis for short, told CBS News he came upon an injured dog among the trash and knew he had a responsibility to help it. He took the pup to the veterinarian and got it the medical care it so desperately needed. Proestakis said he didn’t have space in his house at the time to bring the homeless dog with him, so he put the pup back in the rubbish area. But, he came by every day to see the dog and give it medicine.

Then, more dogs began to appear from the trash. “Another dog and another dog and another dog,” recounted Proestakis. “I was taking care of 50 dogs. After a few days, I was taking care of 70 dogs. Every single day.”

He fed and provided medical care for the dogs for nearly a year, before people living nearby the dump began to complain that the dogs were causing trouble. Proestakis said the neighbors told him they were thinking of poisoning the pups, but he was determined not to let that happen. So, he asked the disgruntled people for 30 days to find a place to take the dogs.

He managed to purchase a piece of land that he now uses as a shelter for the dogs. He now cares for 342 dogs that he has rescued. There are also goats and cats in the shelter. With the help of like-minded donors, Takis is able to keep the place running, even as more dogs are rescued everyday.

The rest of Takis’s story can be found here.


Theoklitos Proestakis with rescued puppies. CBS News photo

This is the 27th celebration of the WE ARE THE WORLD BLOGFEST #WATWB which is carried out every last Friday of the month, and which aims to spread love and positiveness in this vulnerable world. A celebration of heroes who can still restore our faith in humanity, especially in this period when our world seems to be full of endless series of horrible happenings.

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  1. Dan Antion says:

    I like this story (and this man) a lot, Peter. Thanks for highlighting it. I feel so sad when dogs are mistreated. They live us so much. They deserve better.

    • Peter Nena says:

      Thank you Dan. It is too heartbreaking to see dogs suffering. They don’t require much and they never forget the little that they get from us. So much love indeed.

    • As an animal person, it breaks my heart to see them mistreated. Takis is wonderful to be so dedicated and all he does! Wonderful post! Thanks so much for being a part of #WATWB #InDarknessBeLight

  2. bikerchick57 says:

    What a wonderful, heart-warming story. Too often, people treat their pets like garbage and throw them away when they are no longer wanted. It’s a shame and I commend Takis for saving these animals and providing a needed shelter. He has a big heart!

    • Peter Nena says:

      Thank you too Mary. I feel the same way. Dogs have become such a big and intrinsic part of humanity that mistreating them is just like mistreating people.

  3. Pradeep says:

    What a positive and inspirational story! Not just dogs, but many other animals, are not only lead a neglected life but are also harmed by people. We need more people like Takis! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post! #WATWB
    — Pradeep | bpradeepnair.blogspot.com

  4. JoAnna says:

    “the way we treat dogs says more about our society than about the dogs,” is a powerful truth. I thank God there are people who care. Mr. Takis is a true hero. Thank you for sharing his story with us. Maybe more people will wake up and follow his example, or at least take responsibility for these emissaries of unconditional love that have come into their lives.

    • Peter Nena says:

      Thank you JoAnna. If reactions on social media are anything to go by, I think more and more people are waking up to the fate of the animals in the hands of people who do not care for them. Thank you for participating in #WATWB.

  5. oh dog rescues are always so touching!! Bravo!! Peter, I send my best wishes to you and thank you for continuing to add your drop of light to the pond of light.

  6. hilarymb says:

    Hi Peter – what an amazing story … Takis is doing an amazing job for all those animals. He deserves so much support – thanks for letting us know about him – cheers Hilary

  7. Susan Scott says:

    Wow! Takis is an angel. Thanks Peter, how amazing that from one dog he now has over 300. In this instance, man IS a dog’s best friend and they’ll surely become Takis’ too. Thank you for co-hosting this month.

  8. Kalpana says:

    What a heartwarming story. I can see parallels with India where lovers of stray dogs (like me) save the dogs, take care of their needs, feed them and vaccinate them and those who don’t like dogs say they fight, or bite and then they poison them. Glad that Proestakis was so succesful in taking care of the dogs.

  9. John Maberry says:

    Whoa–342 dogs! What a saint! Thanks for sharing. I can’t imagine this kind of generosity–but I certainly admire it.

  10. […] #WATWB: The Man Who Devotes His Life To Saving Dogs 2019/08/30 […]

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