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The Orgy

Posted: 2014/01/26 in Erotic, Fantasy, Poetry

A flash of flesh, a wink of pink,

pale thighs, surging bosoms,

undulating bottoms,

and lips against lips,

and eyes,

steamy, needy,

aglitter, agleam,

ripe, rife

with erotic radiance,

and heat, and passion,

and charged desire

like batteries.


We danced like drunkards

drunk of love and lovemaking,

and the music!


Inflamed souls sank

between long legs,

and behind bended bottoms,

grasping necks stretched

and hairs wild;

breathless screams

and impassioned grunts

escaped gasping mouths

and taut muscles

sweaty in the random,


shadowy fluorescence.


The music played,

the moment seethed,

and we boiled!