I am an Electrical Engineer, a graduate from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. I also study Mathematics and write fiction. It is my view that Mathematics is intrinsic in everything while literature is a product of everything. I am therefore inspired to believe that the two are inseparably linked. I love both.

My ‘3 Seconds in Hell’ has been published in the following anthology:

  1. Not What You Thought (http://amzn.to/1IFQg2t) by Author Paul Ruddock who blogs at http://echoesofthepen.com

I hope you have fun reading some of the stories I have written. Thank you for visiting and have a great day.

Peter Nena.

NOTE: I write in horror, fantasy, mystery, and sci-fi genres. My stories, therefore, do not necessarily represent the actual lifestyles in Kenya.


  1. echoesofthepen says:

    Hi Peter
    Just been having a quick look through your blog (whilst on a break at work), and it looks very impressive. Will be reading through more of it later after work.
    Regards, Paul…

  2. Peter Nena says:

    Thank you, Paul. I am reading The Great Bank Robbery at Echoesofthepen right now.

  3. Tish Farrell says:

    Thanks for coming to my blog, and thanks for the link that brought me here. And well done you for being so committed to your writing when you already have a very serious day job. This is wise when it is hard to make a living from writing, but good too, because all writers need another life to resource the creative life. I look forward to reading more of your work. Best wishes on all fronts, Tish

  4. meglago says:

    OH! So excited to read some of your stuff! I love to dilly dally and avoid work, so this seems perfect 🙂

  5. Martin konge says:

    De this is great keep up

  6. Peter Nena says:

    Thanks, Mato. I really appreciate that you came and commented.

  7. Julia Lund says:

    A mathematician on top of everything else! As someone who cannot remember basic times tables, I stand in awe! Good luck with the progress of your manuscripts. How wonderful to be having them considered! Well done and keep up the writing (though, from the sounds of it, you’d find it impossible to stop …)

    • Peter Nena says:

      I think it’s the writing that really keeps me alive. You are a writer, therefore, you must know how writing gets into the head and you look forward to it wherever you are. A writer writes everywhere he/she is, even with the head if all equipment are beyond reach. The voices, the images, the fantasy–I think a writer is like a drug addict, only he/she values his/her physical health above all. Mental health, I am not sure about that. My mother says writers are crazier than anybody else she knows. I spend my day at work fullfilling my responsibility and simultaneously writing in my head, making up stories, jokes, creating characters. I even get to laugh very hard sometimes. You know the experience.
      Thanks for coming as you promised.

  8. Mou Mishra says:

    Great Peter, wish to soon see you get published. Best Wishes 🙂

  9. Peter Nena says:

    Hey, thanks.

  10. Peter, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award ( If you like) Anyway it’s on my blog should you wish to accept!!

  11. Peter Nena says:

    Thank you, Cybele. You are too nice. I’ll look at it. Happy weekend to you.

  12. Mr. Nena: A SF fan that I am, I’m glad I found your blog:)

  13. Nancy Oyula says:

    Then God sent me to this blog. I’m glad I visited, very awesome pieces you have, Peter 🙂

  14. Peter Nena says:

    Thank you, Nancy. I’m happy that you found this place awesome. Do come back. And have a great weekend.

  15. makagutu says:

    Hey Peter, just saying hello

  16. Peter, so nice to meet you. I love meeting people who use both sides of their brain (well). Write on!

  17. Peter Nena says:

    Nice to meet you too, Leslie. And thanks.

  18. alohaleya says:

    love the marriage of mathematics and literature…never quite thought about it that way before! 🙂 thanks, aleya

  19. Peter Nena says:

    Hi, Aleya. Thank you for visiting this place and for your comment. I also love the marriage of Mathematics and Literature. It is complete.

  20. Peter: Thanks SO much for visiting my blog:)

  21. Peter: I appreciate your “Likes,” but you don’t have to “Like” every post of mine. Not every single one of them. My posts hardly deserve so much thought:)

  22. Peter Nena says:

    You are welcome.

  23. Peter Nena says:

    Okay. No problem.

  24. Peter: I have told me before and am telling you again. Please do not “Like” my every post, each time I write something. Please do not follow me.

  25. Peter Nena says:

    I don’t know that I did it again. But no problem. It won’t repeat.

  26. Vlad Zaycev says:

    You have very excellent blog! I enjoy it. Remarkably! I will be glad to see you in my blog. The best regards. – Vlad.

  27. Peter Nena says:

    Thank you Vlad. I will visit your blog.

  28. dweezer19 says:

    Hi Peter! It’s me. Here to pester you with an award. You deserve it. And more. Hope your week is unencumbered and very creative. Read about it here if you would like.

  29. Peter Nena says:

    Thank you, Cheryl. Let me take a look.

  30. dweezer19 says:

    Thanks Peter. Have a great week!

  31. Peter Nena says:

    You too, my dear. An excellent week.

  32. […] nestled under the smell of him that lingered there….. to be continued…… Sorry Peter.  The next one is beastly long.  😉 As always I thank you for reading and appreciate any […]

    • Peter Nena says:

      Not yet read. But I will. My days have been awful lately. I took some new projects and they have consumed my hours. I don’t even know how I will handle the Blogfest.

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  34. dweezer19 says:

    I so understand Peter. That iswhy I had to decline sponsoring. Good luck with everything.

  35. I love your sentence, “Mathematics is intrinsic in everything while literature is a product of everything.” Maths was my favourite subject in school. 🙂

  36. Thanks for visiting. Good luck with your writing (not my kind of reading, I will confess), and I like your thoughts on mathematics.

  37. John Hric says:

    Peter – excellent treasure. just try this one thought – any language – as long as we use it is living. so feel free to use and encourage new entries into that already minutely detailed book. and thanks so much for the blogfest !


  38. […] be continued….. I dedicate this Chapter to my friend Peter.  You have waited a long time for this one. I appreciate any and all comments, thoughts, ideas.  […]

  39. GP Cox says:

    Pleased to meet you, Peter.

  40. […] – Daily (w)rite  /  Dan Antion – No Facilities  /  Paul Ruddock – Echoes of the Pen Peter Nena – Demogorgon’s Fiction  /  Sharukh Bamboat – India […]

  41. Thanks to Julia Lund’s reblog, I have found a kindred spirit in writing. Nice to meet you.

  42. Peter Nena says:

    Nice to meet you too Cathy. Thank you!

  43. All the best in the new yr, Peter. Thank you so much for walking alongside.


  44. Peter Nena says:

    Thanks. And happy new year to you as well.

  45. Thanks for visiting my blog and leading me back to yours

  46. pjlazos says:

    I agree with your assessment and wish I were better at math. Next lifetime, I want to be a physicist. Have a great day, Pam

  47. Peter Nena says:

    Hi, Pam. Thank you and have a great day as well.

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