#WATWB: The Woman Who Has Restored 35,000 Sights

Posted: 2017/03/31 in Blogging
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This post is for the WE ARE THE WORLD BLOGFEST #WATWB announced early this month, and which will continue every last Friday of the coming months. The blogfest aims to spread love and positiveness in this rapidly darkening world where human relations are increasingly deteriorating. We aim to show that there is still light in this world, there are still great heroes amongst us going great lengths to do tremendous things for others, despite the overwhelming effusion of pessimism exhibited almost all around us.

The blogfest co-hosts include: Damyanti BiswasBelinda WitzenhausenEmerald BarnesEric Lahti, Inderpreet UppalKate Powell, Lynn Hallbrooks, Mary Giese, Michelle WallaceRoshan RadhakrishnanSimon Falk, Susan Scott, Sylvia McGrath, Sylvia Stein, Chrissie Parker.


My choice for today’s post is about one extraordinary Namibian ophthalmologist who has saved 35,000 people’s sights.

Dr. Helena Ndume, known locally as “Dr. Miracle”for the unparalleled work that she does, is an unshakeable pillar of human inspiration. Growing up in the hostile apartheid era and having to make a traumatizing escape to Zambia where she lived in a refugee camp, and being only fifteen years old, she might have been expected her to harbour a vengeful heart or to use her harrowing experience as an excuse for her future failures. Instead, she turned out with a heart of gold and tremendous strength and vision exploited for the benefit of her people and for the world.

I first heard this story on BBC Outlook program and I was uplifted with a poignant sense of hope. I was inspired.

Surely to still find your humanity in these bleak, divisive times is no mean feat.

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  3. Join us on the last Friday of each month in sharing news that warms the cockles of our heart. No story is too big or small, as long as it goes beyond religion and politics, into the core of humanity.
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  1. What an inspirational woman! Thanks for being part of WATWB, Peter. We do hope that WATWB will continue into next year, and beyond.

  2. vinodinii says:

    She must have added light to so many people’s lives. God bless her. Thanks for sharing her story.

  3. Dan Antion says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderfully inspiring story, Peter!

  4. And to think where she came from! Wow, great story!

  5. As you said, she had every reason to have anger and hate in her heart after her beginning. Instead, she’s literally brought light into the darkness of so many. How magical is that. A beautiful story to start the blogfest.

  6. What a wonderful thing, to restore sight. Mary at Play off the Page

  7. Wow, what an amazing woman! Thanks so much for sharing Dr. Ndume’s story. #WATWB
    Belinda Witzenhausen~Writer, Creativity Coach & Artist

  8. What an amazing woman and inspirational story – beautiful!

  9. thank you for sharing the life of this heroic and selfless woman!

  10. ericlahti says:

    What an amazing story!

  11. This doctor sets a great example of not letting your upbringing keep you down. Thanks for sharing, Peter. #WATWB team member

  12. It is truly uplifting to know that human beings like Dr. Helena Ndume still exist.
    The gift of sight received by 35,000 people is a blessing for the recipients…and the doctor in turn is blessed with amazing knowledge via the gift of medicine!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. simonfalk28 says:

    Peter, she is just a beautiful soul. Some ophthalmologists must have a real deeper vision in more ways than one. In my own country of Australia, Fred Hollows http://www.hollows.org/au/about-fred?lang=en-au helped the sight of many people in remote areas. Thanks for sharing Helena’s story with us all.

  14. pjlazos says:

    So amazing!

  15. That is an incredible story, and not without its dangers. Not only is he braving a battlefield, he has to figure out how to rescue potentially dangerous animals, who are also terrified.

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